DIY Website Design-Build From Scratch with Elementor Plugin Course

  • WordPress Theme fundamentals
  • Create WordPress website without Theme
  • Create a WordPress website with “Elementor” Plugin (Free version)
  • Design WordPress website header, footer, and a sidebar with widgets
  • Produce stunning webpage
  • Produce professional webpage
  • Learn Elementor & add-on plugins
  • Increase conversion on website
  • Enhance communication on the website


  • No Prior Programming Knowledge Required
  • Laptop and Internet Connection
  • WordPress


Have you ever thought of creating your own stunning website?

Most people opt for WordPress to edit and alter website appearance with WordPress theme integration, without having to use code. Which is amazing!

So where’s the catch?

Typically WordPress Theme comprises template files, which means that you don’t have 100% flexibility to present your website in any way as it is restricted by the template files.

If you wanted to do that, you have to go to the “editor” back-end interface to edit the website with codes, which is a hassle, why do you want to do that?

  1. Have different content arrangement or alignment, horizontal or vertical positioning;
  2. Put in preferred font family & color;
  3. Put in background effects;
  4. Create animation, illustration, and featured gallery & more…

We are going to achieve this WITH the “Elementor” plugin (Free Version)

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that helps you present and customize your website in an easy way with drag and drop (editing method). Apart from that, one of the greatest features provided is you can optimize web pages in different view modes as in different screen sizes. In other meaning, your website will be compatible and optimized in desktop, tablet, and mobile modes.

Whatever I’ve mentioned will be included in this course, and the best thing is, I will teach you how to use this Free plugin and other add-on plugins (Free) to create :

  • One (1) home page
  • Two (2) subpages (professional & social)

These pages can be linked together to furnish an amazing website.

That’s not all, I will teach you guys how to use other add-on WordPress plugins to increase website performance and efficacy.

The ultimate purpose of a website is to build rapport with visitors and get sales. My course will definitely help you to achieve that with promotion tools like popups, sticky promotion, banners, contact form (with button trigger) and etc.

So have a quick glance at the course structure below, there are free previews that you can watch to understand further my teachings. Most tutorials are hands-on and practical.

If you are interested, enroll in my course, and I will see you inside.


All recommended plugins are Free to use, my aim is to teach students to build stunning & professional websites at zero cost!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner on WordPress Development
  • Beginner on Website Design

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