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Module 3: Quality Assurance


Chapter 1: Introduction to QA in Spirometry:

Quality Assurance in spirometry does not mean QA of the equipment but means checking whether the patient has performed the test correctly and the graphs should be accepted for interpretation or not.

Chapter 2: Acceptable Spirometry Graphs:

In this chapter you will learn about the common mistakes that a patient may commit while performing the test. These little mistakes can give us erroneously high or low lung volumes. You will also learn how to recognize these mistakes by looking at the graphs. Thus by inspecting you can decide whether the graphs are of good quality or the patient needs to repeat the test.

Chapter 3: Criteria for repeatability:

Repeatable or reproducible graphs ensure that the patient has given his/her best effort and the test is suitable for interpretation. In this chapter you will learn about the criteria for repeatability.

Chapter 4: Grading the Spirometry Test:

Depending upon the acceptability and repeatability of the tests the tests can be graded from Grade A to Grade F. Interpretation of the spirometry should be done in the in the wake of these grades. In this chapter you will learn the importance of grading the graphs and its significance in clinical practice.


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