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Module 2: Performing Spirometry


Chapter 1: Introduction: 

In this chapter, we will take you through the step by step procedure to perform spirometry in your clinic.

Chapter 2: Setting up spirometry in your clinic:

It is very easy to convert your existing clinic in to a Spirometry clinic. In this chapter you will learn about all the things that would be required to set up a Spirometry Clinic.  

Chapter 3: Calibration Check:

Before conducting the test it is essential to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and is giving accurate readings. This is important to avoid mis diagnosis of your patients. Calibration check of the spirometer is a good way to ensure its accuracy. In this chapter you will learn about the importance of calibration check, the procedure and frequency of calibration checks.

Chapter 4: Contraindications:

This chapter covers the absolute and relative contraindications for spirometry which should be inquired into before subjecting the patient/subject to spirometry.

Chapter 5: Predicted values:

What are the normal values of the lung volumes? The answer is none! The lung volumes change according to the race, gender, age and height and to decide whether the values are normal or not, we need to compare them to the predicted normal values for the particular race, gender age and height. Learn about this concept in detail and calculate your own predicted volumes using the lung volumes calculator in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Conducting the test:

After all the preliminary preparation of the spirometry clinic, the equipment and the patient, in this chapter you will learn about the maneuvers that the patient needs to perform during the test. For simplicity, we have divided the procedure into 4 simple steps. Learn about the most important aspect of spirometry - effectively communicating to the patient on what exactly needs to be done and getting the procedure performed by the patient. 


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